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We drop the beat

Hey everyone!  Or as we say in switzerland: GRÜETZI!
This is our website, nice you've made it, too ;)
Our webdesigner told us to write something about ourselves here... Blablabla... But this mainstream sh*t doesn't interest anybody.

As you may have already heard, we're just two swiss dudes with a mission to give you an unforgettable eargasm!

Lou aka Loudipuu: is a gifted pianist and a cuddly bear. He also likes to treat himself with one, two, three.... glasses of gin!
Pad aka Padroxx: no no!  No fear, there are no drugs in the game!  He is always in a good mood by nature and likes to pass this «joie de vivre» on to others ;) His biggest wish: a pet Alpaca!

Nothing is more motivating, relaxing and fascinating than music. Okay well, maybe pizza... but nothing else!! Convince yourself in the next show. What is this? Ecst@sy?, coc@ine?! Noooo!! It’s JUST LOUDROGS!!

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us:

Party Hard